What is “Scrip”?

“Scrip” is another name for gift certificates. Companies that participate, sell gift certificates to our school at a discount, and we sell them at face value to earn money for our school. For instance, our school can buy a $25.00 gift certificate/scrip for $23.00, sell it for the face value of $25.00 and earn $2.00 as profit. Each company has its own percentage of discount it offers.

What is the “Scrip Tuition Credit” Program?

In 2006 we began our scrip tuition credit program. It is an incentive for school families and their friends to buy scrip. By splitting the profit from each scrip purchased between each family account and St. Mary’s School, credit is earned for each family scrip account number used.

Here’s how it works:

Each family has been issued a Family Scrip Tuition Credit Account Number. You will use this account number each time you or your friend(s) buy scrip from our school.

With each scrip purchase, 50% of the profit goes into a family’s scrip account – (the other 50% goes to the school). Scrip purchased under a family scrip account number earns money (in the form of a credit) all year long.

At the end of the school year, each family will receive a statement indicating the amount of credit their scrip credit account number has earned from scrip purchases.

You can do one of three things with this credit:

  • You can apply this credit toward your last tuition bill
  • You can apply this credit toward one of St. Mary’s scholarship funds
  • You can donate your credit back to the school’s operating expenses

pdficon small Scrip Order Form 

Common Questions about Scrip

• Where and when can I buy scrip?

In Stock Scrip (scrip that is generally kept on-hand or in supply) is available for sale every school day in the office and after every weekend mass at the back of the church (subject to availability, based on demand). Payment is due at time of purchase.

Orders for In Stock Scrip (if out) will be accepted at these same times, or by dropping off an order form and payment in the office. Orders for In Stock scrip received before 8:00 am will be filled and placed in your child’s school bag the same day. Orders for In Stock scrip received after 8:00 am will be filled the next school day.

Special Order Scrip is available by dropping off an order form at any time in the school office or in the back of the church after weekend masses. Special orders will be placed on Mondays and filled within one week. Filled orders will either be sent via mail, or will be available for pick-up or school bag delivery.

• Can I have a “standing order” for things I know I purchase every week/month?

Yes! If you know you’ll need staple items ( i.e. gas, groceries) every week, you can arrange a standing order and send in the check every week. Your order will be filled and delivered per your request (via pick-up, child’s school bag, etc.)

• Who can purchase scrip under my family name?

Anyone! Have your family, friends, co-workers, etc. purchase scrip under your account by specifying your family’s scrip account number on the scrip form.

• Will my family and friends have to know my scrip credit program account number for me to get the credit?

No – Although it would be helpful to have the family’s scrip account number, the family’s name may be used (and the scrip credit account number will be looked up).

• Is scrip still available during the summer?

Yes! Scrip will be available after mass on Sundays during the summer months. Special order scrip will be sent via mail (or pick-up by special arrangement).

• What happens to my credits earned during the summer?

Credits earned after the school year cut-off will be applied to the following school year’s tuition at the end of that school year.

• What if my child graduates, leaves St. Mary’s, or is 100% on scholarship?

You will still have the option of applying your family’s credit to a scholarship fund, OR to St. Mary’s operating expenses.

Sorry, there is no “cash out” option offered for Scrip tuition credit.

• What are other ways to use scrip?

Use scrip for everyday purchases; gas, groceries,..Starbucks! ;-)

Use scrip to buy gifts for, (or give scrip as a gift) birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, showers, etc. Give and use them just like any other gift certificate (except YOU get something out of it!)

Use scrip as your own Christmas Club savings account. Each month you can purchase scrip for places you know you will shop at for Christmas gifts. By the time Christmas arrives you will already have scrip ready to use!

Use scrip to stay on budget every month. Using scrip for things like groceries or clothes shopping can make sure you (only) spend the amount of your scrip purchase!

Use scrip at work — give it or use it for co-worker gifts, holiday gifts, birthdays, work anniversaries, boss’ day, etc. If your company gives scrip/gift certificates for these occasions, or as bonuses, have your company purchase them through St. Mary’s (using your scrip credit account number, of course) and you and St. Mary’s will both reap the benefits!